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Nick Venom
Nick Venom
Nick Venom ist offline.


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Nick Venom

March 1:

Second Chance

March 4:

An Artist Without A Voice

March 13:

Launcher 2019 Event Part One

March 15:

First Attempt

March 22:

Troy: The Demon Knight Season One

March 27:

Alien: Blackout

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Nick Venom

Jayhawk News Issue #2 at the end of the month. Much planning has been done during these last two months. Excited to reveal what I've been planning!

Wichtiger Beitrag
Nick Venom

*Offical News*

No Escape will not be returning for its season two as hoped. My apologizes for the cancellation. In order to fill the void of the post-apocalyptic series "No Escape" with smaller series. "Generation Z" and "Survival Instincts". Generation Z follows Alfredo and his group as they're attacked by level two threats. Survival Instncts follows Lindsay and her group as they are sheltered from the outside life by the... mehr anzeigen

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Nick Venom

February's Releases:

February 4:

Accomplish / Short

February 15:

Troy: The Demon Knight Episode One (Season One)

February 22:

The Zombie Infection 3: The Final Chapter

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Nick Venom

February 25:

Aiden & The Holy Sword Episode One (Season One)

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Nick Venom

January 18:

Five Realms / Short

January 21:

Jayhawk News Issue #1

January 25:

Two Page Shorts / Monthly Release

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Nick Venom

One family member down... 6 To Go
The death of Toby
Nobody gets to live
Neighbor’s dead!
I enjoyed it


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Nick Venom

The Events of The Zombie Infection I, follows Nick Grant and his group as they are introduce to the new world. Nick’s friend Eric and Nick meet new people as they expand their group and survives the apocalypse for a few days before the story rnds with Nick’s Dad arriving. The Zombie Infection II starts with Nick’s Dad joining the group. The danger of a incoming horde forces the group away from their home and onto the road.... mehr anzeigen

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Mii Ryouma

A nice collection of books you have here...
I'll be back to take a look at all those stories.

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