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mf Harris

Hi I know I have sent out a mass message about this already but I wanted to cover all avenues!!! My book is NOT all on here, nor have I asked, advised, or even wanted people to vote for my contest entry without reading my excerpt!!! I am an author whether I am published or not and as one we all know that it is not about the popularity it is about the love of our story! Why in the world would I want anyone to pass up reading... mehr anzeigen

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Unforgiven Update I just posted The first half of Chapter 7 is you are intrested sorry It took so long, hope you enjoy. P.S There are some typos gotta love transferring documents thanks tons ~Faith~ :)

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Gelöschter User

Hey I was hoping that you could read my book Katie's Summer. If you could that would be great. Also, your more experienced with writing than I am. My book isn't finished. I was hoping that you might be able to give me an idea of what might come next.

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