slowly> hurting>  giving up
slowly> hurting> giving up
slowly> hurting> giving up ist offline.


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Where is Almara?

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Behind the scene.. xD

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No seriously stop that

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slowly> hurting> giving up

What i'm leaving.
Just let it be.

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No you keep telling the whole world everything and it's not that serious. I did it to make you feel better. I didn't lie. I only like one girl. And that's it. You'll find a better guy. If not then turn bisexual. There are plenty of great girls out here.

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slowly> hurting> giving up

You like her not me.
Its fine really.It's fine I understand.
An No I'm jumping off bridge.

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slowly> hurting> giving up

HI guy's so heres my good bye letter to you all.
Just remember as I write this I love you all.
Please do not cry,
An someone take care of my sister for me.

You're my best friend ever
We share a bond of blood, boys, and so much more...
You know me better than anyone, and vise versa
You also know that I don't have the strength to live like this
You know I can't do it
You know you can live without me
You know it will be hard, but I know... mehr anzeigen

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