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Hey, i wanted to say welcome to Bookrix....
I'm sure you've been on a while, but ya know, its hard gettin your stuff out there.
If ya like making book covers, i may have a job for ya.
This is my book 'The Beginning.'

If ya wanna make a cover for that, ya can, the title, the sub title, the author, its all there.
But, if possible could ya put on the... mehr anzeigen

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Mia Tchoukour

Welcome to bookrix! I think you will like it here. Just get yourself out there so that we all know what you are working on and let the community know by sending us messages and post in groups about anything you like.

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I've currently started yet another book idea. I'm always full of them but....I never seem to finish them. Maybe it's because I don't have a good support group until now. Can't wait to really get involved with BookRix community.

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