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Pleaz finish living in a house with twelve perverted guys!!!! It's really a cliff hanger pleaz

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i no right!
i totally wanna see Brandon's reaction!




please finish. I can't wait to see his expression this is like a nightmare waiting

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Plzz update living in a house with twelve pervet guys?? its so amazing !!

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Update living in a house with 10 perveted guys plzz its so good

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<3 same same!


It's really good pls,pls,pls update pls!


i agree it amazing

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It was so good plz update

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hiya :) Ive updated on my book Second Chances be sure to comment and tell me what you think so far! Thanks :)

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I'm working on it right now. I will have more posted by the end of tonight. :) I've been busy with my school's musical, work, and the scholarship contest.

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Ill write more on Unbelievable! :) glad your enjoying it, check it out soon cause im gonna publish more.

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I had 2 log off a bit, but I'm back on and plan on writing more in the next 10 minutes and I'll message u again when I finish the e. I can give u a hint. Katherine's got a few 'tricks' up her sleeve.

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Thanks so much for being a constant commenter and reader. When I see that you've read and liked what I've written it makes me happy. Because you enjoy the book so much, it makes me want to update alot. Thank you so much.

On another note, I would like some feed back. Like did I catch you off guard on something. Like Zoey turn 1 on the same dad that Brooke's mom had passed away. What parts do you like? What is your favorite... mehr anzeigen

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