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Hey mike,

just finished you False Awakenings story - pretty impressed. For some reason it wont let me comment in the normal way (may be just my system!).
Thought it was a great read, really good and the horror elements of it were pretty impressive. One thing to think about is that Carl waking up at the start kind of gives you the impression that he may be nuts and is struggling to deal with something. Maybe if he wakes up and... mehr anzeigen

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Hey you!
i know you, floridan buddie :) member me? Wattpad, audreyclovertwinkle (well i changed my username now)
i've probably sent a friend request your *so far* the only person i know here :) imma beginner, you dont have to press acccept or whatever. just let me know you dont want to :) im such a pushover sometimes :P

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