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Hey Guys! Quick life update to those who are curious:

I have just started attending college, a university in the Southern part of United States, and I feel like my life over the past 6 to 8 months have just slipped by. I am majoring in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. I actually have been playing since I was five, and it is my first love. Everything I have been doing over the past months to prepare myself for these moments in... mehr anzeigen

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I understand Sutton. Cannot crucify you for not upgrading. But as you continue with pursuing your dreams don't forget to write. I am earnestly ready to read your books

Zareia ♥♥♥

Good luck! Wish you the best
Zareia Zexa♥

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Roses was not what I had took me off guard. Short and full of unexpected twists. 5

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Just finished reading your Taste of Fruit. I love the story line and Mona! I look forward to the next chapter!!!

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I am so loving your Howl In The Night!!! I read it every chance I have a spare moment!!

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