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Don't wanna snatch the story or anything but I had an idea. If u want her to b alive then u can add a lil supernatural twist 2 the story; like a wearwolf comes out of nowhere and kills Mike. Or if u wanna keep it real but yet hv a drastic change then let Mike kill Andy. If u wanna continue wid one of these ideas then u r free 2 but if u won't be continuing the series then I will b more than happy 2 do it 4 u. N if no reply... mehr anzeigen


yeah for sure


Okkie. Lets do this!



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You seriously need to finish the book i'm down to nothing to read. Please finish the book!!!!

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Your book was amazing sweetie, I cried at least six times through out the book, please make more, I really want to know what happens next, Thanks so much - Janee :)

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great book (YOu Did This To ME)read it 5 times since i started bookrix when is it going to be finished im dying to read it.

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Hey I just finished your book um when is it going to be fiinish let me know

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Hey i have read your book like 3 times!! i just wanted to know if you were gonna update it, so if you get the chance, please let me know!!!


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