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liked your Tuffy story.
A few changes I could suggest.
Twice you say 'Miss Rabbit', and later you write it correctly...'Mrs. Rabbit'.
In one place you call Mr. Babbles a badger, then later you call hin=m an otter. Those are not same.
Also the sentence should be 'Is there something inside to get me?' was Tuffy's terrified thought to himself. His thoughts could be in quotation marks or italicized.

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Thanks lazarus67.... I need to have all my books


I've added the suggested edits...again I would like to say Thank you!

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Back from vacation and I have less energy today than I did at the beginning of my vacation...I guess having fun can be far more tiring than work sometimes...

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I heard my guinea pig chirping like a bird... I research to find out why he was making the bird like sounds, some theories say it's because he's lonely, others say it's because he could be in pain but the one I believe, is my Big Boy is just happy. I like the happy theory so I'm gonna go with that. I can't wait to hear him chirping again!

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Guinea pigs are social animals and while it is said two males will not get along, we never found that to be the case. If you get a female and yours is a male be prepared for a lot of babies - there are complications with that too. Good luck with your friend.

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