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Hi Lili. Sorry it's taken me so long but Little Girl Lost is updated! Chapters 8 &9 are up!
Thanks so much for reading my story!!

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Updated "What About Hating Each Other?"! I hope you like what's next(:
Thank you for reading!

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Thanks for the star :) If you want, I can keep you posted when I update it. :D

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Hello! Thank you so much for putting a star on my book, A Howl In The Night! I really appreciate it:):) Anyways, just notifying you that I have updated. Another 30 pages! *does happy dance* If you want, check it out.

Thanks again!

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Paula Winter

Hey i added a couple of pages in my book The Life Unknown. You told me to give you an update. Please tell your friends about my book. I'm they'll like it too. I hope you'll enjoy it.

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Hey :D I haven't finished adding to the book yet, but I should have another chapter up tonight ^=^

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