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L. Avery Brown
L. Avery Brown
L. Avery Brown ist offline.


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Hello Miss Brown, this is Shawn Aleman and I want to personally thank you for the advice that you gave me regarding my book. I believe that your book honestly help me to be able to sell more books in the long run.

L. Avery Brown

No need to worry... I got the gist. And we often see typos or mixed up phrasing on comments after we press that 'send' button.

Happens to me a lot. (I wish BookRix had an edit comment option!)


I agree, I also wish that BookRix had an edit comment option.

♥ davebccanada ♥

Poof... and now they do!!

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Hi, Avery,
What ever happened to your story 'The driver'?

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L. Avery Brown

It's now called 'Harlan Dairy Road' because that's where the 'action' takes place.

And what was about 3K is now just over 10K

I've got a friend locally who thinks it would make a good candidate for a Hallmark Channel sort of movie. She and her husband are both screenwriters and... mehr anzeigen


Thanks...I most will take a look at it. was The Driver story which inspired me to write my story almost 5 years ago, called 'The great escape by the light of the moon'.


Hello, Lazarus I am Jackson... Nice to meet you!

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L. Avery Brown

Until I can figure out how to use the platform I am hoping to use - I'll slowly be putting my books back here.

Slowly being the operative term.

Harlan Dairy Road is one of my favorites. It was originally 'The Driver' and got several fabulous reviews but it needed more.

This version has 'that more' it needed.


3 Kommentare

It can take time. Writing is a craft that gradually becomes your art. I've written five books using this platform and I am pleased with the results. My favorite book is: The Essence of Fear: A Collection of Stories and Poetry, which I edited and coauthored. Thanks.
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L. Avery Brown

I've been with BookRix since the site started... Many years and have published many books here. It's a great site - just has become overrun with people who aren't here for writing or reading. It is not a social site. It's fine to be social - but I don't care who is dating whom.

Anthony Haven

I feel your pain Ms. Avery. That is why I've been working on my projects elsewhere as well. I still pop on here from time to time, but never for more than 10 or 15 minutes. I hope your website is still flourishing as with your books. Stay in touch. :)

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