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It seems your photo is magnetic(:. I love symbols, it is intriguing to wonder what motivated you to choose it. I have written most all of my life, but only the last few years have submitted and been published. But in my writings, at least most of them, there is a thread of this mystical supposition, and I delight in it. Wa do, Elizabeth

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It is my please to begin in your group.
Could you please let me know where
I am to begin. What book do I start to
read. Anything you want to get me going
with the discussion. Thanks.


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barry daniels

OK, you got me! Your puppy is gorgeous, but then I am a dog nut. I never met a dog I didn't love, including the ones that bit me.


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Hope you're enjoying your new kindle. =) More than glad in helping you win. *Stewarts wife*

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Just read the first story of your book.

I'm in awe of the dark, hagged imagery of Mother Magda - I could picture her every movement.

Absoluteley brilliant.

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Hang on, hang on. Let's roll this back. Did I just liken you to a dog? Christ, no wonder I'm single.

C'mon Laurie, let's get on 'em. Let's paint this site in psychodelic colours, wooooohhhhhooooooooo!

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I enjoyed your stories. I'm hoping you'll consider novels.
All the best,

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Hi Sis! Congrats on the online publishing of many more stories/writings to come! My faves so far are Night Dust and Drawn in Shadows! Love, Kathleen

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