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How the hell can I know if it's a message for you only or a mass message... Bookrix is so confusing.

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Go to the member's profile page. Near the top you'll see "Send Message". Click on that and a new screen with a box will appear with the header "New Message". Write your message inside it, and then click send. It will go only to that person.

By writing a message on a page such as... mehr anzeigen


Thax buddy... But is there any way to know ,if the sender sent the message to you only or its a message sent to all ?


As far as I know there is no way of telling, unless he/she says something like, "Hi guys. It's been...yada yada yada."

That pretty much says it's a mass message:)


Hmm ... I was guessing so. Got it.Thanks dear.

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f your brave put this on your profile and see what do the people rate you
Blue : you're so kind
Red : I love you
Yellow : I have a crush on you
Pink : I wanna hug you
Purple : you're awesome
Green : ............Sex ?:D
Orange : ........Friends?;)
White : Let's chat in privately.....
Grey : Let's have a relationship......
Black : go to sleep
Everyone please be honest I would love to know what you would like to say if you are... mehr anzeigen

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Well don't really know what to do after that... Someone challenged n I guess I accepted the challenge by posing this... Uh huh...



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