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Wichtiger Beitrag

Please please please updat impossible miracles. I'm going mad I need to know what happens and read the end please please please please please update!!!!

Wichtiger Beitrag

You are such an awesome writer, please continue your work. Not Perfect is one of the best written books I've ever read. You have an amazing creative mind and need to share it.

1 Kommentar

I just read Impossible Miracles and you need to update iit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wichtiger Beitrag

Well, my new story, Impossible Miracles, has been up for over a month now, and no one has actually read it it seems. Don't know whether to just lay it to rest or try somewhere else. What hurts most is the fact that this story holds something rather close to me that no one will ever be able to understand; the amount of pain having PCOS actually causes you, how it feels like a hot burning piece of metal is being shoved into... mehr anzeigen

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Karabo Mashigo

I've read Impossible Miracle and I love. Please write more.


Plz write more for impossible miracle so far it's amazing an I'd love to knw wat happens

Wichtiger Beitrag

thanks for adding my book to your favorite I just put t up today and am working on finish let me know what u think ;)

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