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Wichtiger Beitrag
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I like your poems! You should post more of them on here. :3

Wichtiger Beitrag

Forwrd we move united we stand
Step out of the boat walk on water
Do not drown for fear has lost its grip
lift your head look ahead hope awaits
Swim through the dangers that circle you
Storm comes and washes away but you stand
Rooted no despair no pain for love is near

Wichtiger Beitrag

Hi everyone new kid on the block me.Read my poem and give me a feedback please.


Rain Rain! What do I gain
To sit and sort my heart that cries
Joy peace flows through me
Rain rain the picture is not washed
I stand to see the reflections of the rainbow
Knowing my promise is there
Light beams in my eyes brightens my hopes
brings sunny tomorrows that passes dark yesterday's
Rain rain! Sunshine is here
Illuminates my mind from fear... mehr anzeigen

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