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Thoughts met...

let me enjoy you as i need...

let our thoughts make a love as it needs...

let it swim so high...

there between a clouds...

so lonely souls...

naked souls seeks a happiness...

wishing for an eternal life...

to make its love as it true...

lets melts through our imaginations...

lets my thoughts make a love to yours...

lets feel one the other..

lets feel each one desires..

lets make it with no waits..

with no... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

I wish You a sea full of love and friendship, a lake of happiness, a river of pleasures, a streamlet of tenderness and not even one drop of pain in New 2010. year!

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Sincerely thank you everyone!! Please check out my other work on https://www.clubkayelle.com. Feel free to post your own work there or read some of the work of other writers! Again thank you for your encouragment, support and well wishes!!

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Congratulations Klenor! I will be looking forward to your next story./joeparente

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Hey there Sister. God Bless you, and yours. Thank you for stopping by my page...It means everything to this man...One Love/One Aim/One Destiny

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Thank you for the friendship. I look forward to reading more
of your books and am sending you a good luck blessing for the
contest. Have a great night!

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