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hi im glad you like my story black rose. im
trying to get connected with as many fans as
possible. for some reason i cannot upload the
couple of chapters on bookrix. so i have switched
to because a friend of mines
told me it was so much better and i agree. i can
be more connected to fans on that website (which
i want) and i can upload pictures of what the
characters look like, you as a fan can write
a comment... mehr anzeigen

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I read all the Black Rose books they really good I cannot wait till you update them. Please let me know when you continue Black Rose 4.

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I really like your story line. I like the mystic story lines. If I may make a recommendation make sure you check the spelling on some of your words. Overall ... wonderful. When will you be continuing with what happens past the black door?

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sorry it took so long to update blackrose but i just read over my book like 3 times and ive change some things and also put more scenes in my book as well. ive finished only a few new chapters because of that but when ive finished enough chapters i will post them up on bookrix. again sorry it took so long and thank you for your patience.

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Thank you so much for the heart and comment on my book. I should be updating a new chapter today. >^=^>

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Hi i loved all you books and was wondering well the to continued part of Black Rose #4 please? Ru going to write it and when?

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Yokuro Kimino (君野ヨクロ)

Hello there,

Key Kira, it's nice to meet you. I just want to send you a comment thanking you, for taking out the time of supporting my books. I hope to hear from you soon.

As for an advice, I'd say simply, write write poetry of your own style about what you care about and feelings. And be honest and true about it, and that will enable you to become a good writer.

Lastly, thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon. If you... mehr anzeigen

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