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You know the sex group called Naghty Thoughts Please decline me I accidently clicked on it

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Nina Kari

Hey, I've updated Forbidden Fantasy again, take a look. The entire story is up now

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I have been out for so long and I have missed you all..I was in school, then I moved into my own place again :) It feels so good to be in my own house and I got my internet back..I miss you guys so much..Drop me a line if you want :)
I am so excited to be back

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Gelöschter User

hi this is gallina----
I was wondering if you get a chance please read a bit of " a bride at the prince's command" and let me know what you think!
thank you


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oh, well u better let me no wen u re ryt it, i REALLY wanna no wat happens nxt. its really grasped my curiousity XD

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