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spitfire's boyfriend
spitfire's boyfriend
spitfire's boyfriend ist offline.


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spitfire's boyfriend

Ok guys vote on my book "Mlp for what happends next but before voting read chapter 6 first and hope you guys enjoy

1: tomorrow he doesn't come at all and i worry about him
2: when he comes tomorrow he brings his girlfriend to help him
3: When he comes tomorrow he just installs it while i talk to him
4: When he comes tomorrow pinkie pie is there and ruins my chances to talk to him and get to know him

ok guys vote :D

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1 and 4

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█▬█ ︀█ ︀▀█▀ ︀18+ ❤ ︀O︀p︀e︀n︀ ︀L︀i︀n︀k ︀➔ http://︀d︀a︀t︀e︀4︀f︀u︀q︀.︀c︀o︀m︀?︀i︀d︀kcd9dc74295ca45

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spitfire's boyfriend

Hey guys im leaving a hint on what my OC is and hes grayish white with a horn and he loves technology and invents stuff

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spitfire's boyfriend

ok guys vote here for my book "mlp a love story"

1: twilight teleports red fire to nearby water and treatens to kill him unless he fesses up

2: twilight teleports him to discord to be torcherd unless he fesses up

3: twilight teleports him out of the castle becuase shes mad

so guys vote what number you guys want to vote for my story i will start the next chapter "4" by the time i get a lot of votes

rainbow dashes husband

got a point 1 might be a little more intense

spitfire's boyfriend

ok guys im starting CHAPTER 4

spitfire's boyfriend

Thank you for Voting, i will post again for more voting later on and i just finished Chapter 4 and 5 and chapter 6 is going to be cool, i will begin to show you my OC :D

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spitfire's boyfriend

hey guys i am making a new book and its about mlp so give me advise, my story is about this mare who likes a guy but doesnt know how to talk to him and the stallion is poor
( its a romantic story )

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spitfire's boyfriend

random song time
I'm not a fan of puppeteers,
but I've a nagging fear
someone else is pulling at the strings

Something terrible is going down
through the entire town!
wreaking anarchy and all that it brings

I can't sit idly,
no I can't move at all!
I curse the name
the one behind it all

Discord, I'm howling at the moon,
And sleeping in the middle
of a summer afternoon

Discord, whatever did we do
to make you take our world... mehr anzeigen

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