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Her hair was up in a ponytail
Her favorite dress tied with a b ow.
Today was Daddy's Day at school,
And she couldn't wait to go.

But her mommy tried to tell her,
That she probably should stay home.
Why the kids might not understand,
If she went to school alone.

But she was not afraid;
She knew just what to say.
What to tell her classmates
Of why he wasn't there today.

But still her mother worried,
For her to face this day alone.
And that... mehr anzeigen

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mf Harris

No, we certainly do not! :) But I strongly believe in the age old saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I just wanted to drop you a note saying thank you for your words. God Bless and Happy Reading

~mf Harris

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hey my name is kim and i loved your books!!!! :D

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