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Your books are freaking awesome!!

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really love your book will love you endlessly are u going to write more

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Hey C. Joyce, just wanted to say that I really love your book Mr. Jerkface, Please Marry Me. I thought it was just terrific when Steven and Celtial made it look so real to Ethan that they wee together, and then made it sound as if they were getting married. You are great at writing stories

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June F. Duncan

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S. James

I absolutely love your books, I am reading The Bet With The Players right now and I'm enjoying it :) I love #JackGaps too :D

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Marini S.

Hey i love almost all your books, the beginnings are so awesome but it's really sad that there's not much of an ending. Being honest you should consider finishing every book properly because, please, i'm so interested in reading them but then again there nothing left to read :(
So please.. :)

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WillLoveYouEndlessly (C. Joyce)

Yeah...I'm terribly sorry about that. The beginnings are the easiest to write, the rest goes down hill. I'm in my winter break right now. I want start writing again soon.

WillLoveYouEndlessly (C. Joyce)

So far I updated 2 books and going for 3. Thanks for reading.

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