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Hello! How are you?!

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your book Ricky's sister is amazing and i'm so looking forward to reading more of them. ^_^

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I am going to continue the series 'Ricky's Sister' and also maybe a few side works.

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Hi, I read all of the Ricky's Sister books and they are really good! With that kind of writing you could go far! If you like that kind of writing I think you would like the books I wrote. The first one is calld Can My Life Get Any Worse? And the second is How Long Does Life Really Last? I think you would like those books! But keep on writing! Your really good!

Happy Writing, Starlover412

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hi person i just read all 4 janet books and i think you should keep going and stop make these people wait for them lol

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Chapter 6 Of my book "Midnight heart series- Torn" is now posted...
However, please excuse the text formatting, for some reason it got messed up... lol... but i hope that you like it anyways.


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