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judycolella ist offline.


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Just wondering how you were doing....I "think" of your "literary" kindness often....Take care, Danny....

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I'm not really deleted, it just says I'm a deleted user.... except all my books are gone and I can't access by groups now and I don't seem to have any friends anymore. I guess I riled the Lords, do you think?

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What?! How? This is insane! Are the inmates running the asylum now?

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Valerie Diestro

Hi, Miss Judy,

How are you? Hope everything is well. :)
Have you started writing parts of our story collaboration with Time of Silence An Angel's Mission? If you do, please send it to me. I'm looking forward to reading what you have written so far. I'm sure it will be amazing and beautiful. :D I also look forward to any suggestions you'll give to make Time of Silence An Angel's Mission, a powerful and memorable story to our... mehr anzeigen

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