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Leandra A
Leandra A
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Leandra A

Gotta start putting them into words #FirstLoveSeries

- F.L.A.M.E.S
- Return to First Love
- My Dear future Husband
- Suns out Guns Out
-Maria, god for misfortune
- A.B.C : Accept,Believe,Confess

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How´s that book about a wolf loving a fox coming?

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Leandra A

It might take a while for me to finish the draft, been doing major edit w/ some of my books :(

Wichtiger Beitrag
Leandra A

I've change the setting of my works an able the option to download the books for free ^_^ please feel free to read and please leave a comment or suggestion as well...that will mean so much for me, For those who enjoyed reading my works I'll be thankful if you'll also share it with your friends or family and reading it till end

- Leandra A

1 Kommentar
Leandra A

P.S It will motivate me if you'll leave a comment after reading my works

Wichtiger Beitrag

Thanks for adding my book to your Favorites! I look forward to your comments!

2 Kommentare
Leandra A

^_^ looking forward in finishing this as well soon


Awesome! Wow - I appreciate this so much!

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