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Rizonne Alexander
Rizonne Alexander
Rizonne Alexander ist offline.


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Wichtiger Beitrag
Rizonne Alexander

I walked through stormy waters with you,
i walked through thorny bushes with you.

My soul was broken,
My mind was a battle ground and you stood by my side.

I needed to resurrect, to feel again.
I needed to find myself and be reborn.

You reassured me, you helped me.
You saved me, you caught me when i fell.

Im healed now, so let me go.

5 Kommentare

Awesome poem. Says so much. But what I liked most was the ending. It shows a maturity, that once you have received support you can go out on your own once again. Nice job.

Rizonne Alexander

Thank you so much dear :) your comment meant alot :)

Rizonne Alexander

that is exactly what is all about, im able to stand on my own now,

Rizonne Alexander

Im still inlove with this piece i wrote !!!


nice one

Wichtiger Beitrag
Rizonne Alexander

Hi guys! So just a heads up, a new book is in progress! YAAAAAY! Im super excited about it because its something completely different to my actual genres that i love to write . i will upload it as soon as i am done!


Wichtiger Beitrag

I loved your book The Golden Wolf! It was such a beautiful story.

Wichtiger Beitrag
Rizonne Alexander

Hi Guys!

Great news, another book is in progress. Change of scenery!

I have received plenty of good feedback on the Golden Wolf - thank you all for the great support and kind words of wisdom :)


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Gelöschter User

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James Apollon White

to the beginn of our friendship a poem and song from you, when you want looked at my site there are some kinds of Links.............. ...good luck

Profound Muse

muse with a profound mind
sting your venom in me
lead me to the stars
where the lights make my mind bright
where the lights make my mind bright

look at me and take my hand
that we can glide tgogether
to a secret place
our love no disturb
our... mehr anzeigen

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