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an ocean view update....plse read let me know what you think plse thank you frm Giselle

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Sorry everybody i haven't been in touch on bookrix. i am currently in hospital but i will be out soon. Cant use computer much at all. rest assured i will back at my flat soon eagerly awaiting chatting to you all. If anybody reads this please can you let any moderaters know or anybody that has unfinished things that i may have been involved in that i am Suspending my bookrix use till i get better. possibly a week or two


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For fun i'd like to meet people who are interested in a project where we could contribute together. Would love to make a half decent computer game. I have basic fundamental programming skills, very basic art skills, Excellent ideas. Anybody who wants to get involved let me know.

We need sprites, somebody who knows how to use the paint programs (transparent backgrounds) etc. Artists who can draw landscapes or scenes. Better... mehr anzeigen

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Thanks for the comment on my "Abandoned Hospital." I recently updated it and even fixed the spelling and grammar errors. :3

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Whats the first thing that comes to mind when your feeling in a reflective mood?
Words form effortly around your head and heart,
But no flow so you don't know where to start.
Pick a feeling, a mood, connection or someone of a distant past,
for its the words we portay
that create our poetry
in emotion tranquility.

John Pallister

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Hey I just wanted to let you know I was finished the book for the contest. And sorry it took long I was busy with school work.


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