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Hey, I got your comment on my book, and I just wanted to give you a heads up that I am taking all my books down but they will be updated and reloaded. Check every Sunday for new material. Thank you :}

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Du magst Fantasie? Liebesgeschichten mit Verzweiflung, Angst und Leidenschaft? Dann guck doch einfach einmal in eines meiner Bücher rein :) Magst du es nicht? dann ignoriere den Post einfach :)
Mein weitestes Buch ist:
Der klappentext:
Erst musste ich zu meiner Mum ziehen, die mich eigentlich hasste. Und dann zogen wir auch noch zu ihrem Lover! Es... mehr anzeigen

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stephanie Lyon :p

hey! thanks for you comments on my book " Something Better" iv'e actually stopped writing that book because i'm writing a new one it's called "Someone Like You" check it out and let me know what you think.
xoxo0- Steph

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Hey jennkim123 It's me skylar997 Im here with an update that I have made the last book of the season. Season 2 will be a shocker so please leave what you think. I hope you enjoyed my series and hope for more! My newest series will be based on Clan cats. There are a lot of clan cat lovers out there and I'm hoping I will get more readers!

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Hey got your internet has been out for a while but when i get it back i will update all of my books as soon as possible ok :) btw thanks so much for reading my books .

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Thanks for the < xxx3 !!!!!!!!!!!

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