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Cheers for the cheers - sorry for me slow reply, yeah, I totally dig it! ;) Just forgot to send a message after reading, though I do tend to put me foot right in me gob a fair bit!;D

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J.M. Stephens

Evolution of Love

Across the bar, Through smoky haze
Your eyes entice, Your looks amaze
I'm interested

I watch you dance, I hear you sing
Karaoke's Just your thing
You sing to me

I say 'hi' , 'Steve's the name
I chat you up, I'm on my game
I want you bad

We share a drink, We share your bed
I should have left, But stayed instead
You made me breakfast

Every night, Every day
Need you with me, Wish you'd stay
You own my heart

My mind is set, the... mehr anzeigen

Judah Collins

Interesting poem




Very nice

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J.M. Stephens

Throughout the storm and the endless rain
Throughout the tears and eternal pain
The memory returns time and again
Of the day you went away.

The garden you planted has turned to weeds
I couldn’t attend to its constant needs
My spirit is broken and my heart still bleeds
Since the day you went away

The house that we shared is in disrepair
I’m ashamed to say that I no longer care
For it’s just not a home without you there
Now that you’ve... mehr anzeigen

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J. M. Rivers

I really like this one. I can relate to the loss aspect as well.

Hersh Solomon Jnr

how awful!

J.M. Stephens

Hey....I tried...


Love it!

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J.M. Stephens

If only I had known before
If only I had seen
The consequences coming
From my actions so obscene

If only I was noble
And my soul divine and pure
Instead of being the disease
I could have been the cure

If only I had told my friends
The words I should have shared
To tell them they're important
To let them know I cared

If only I had shown my love
To those who craved for it
To those who gave their love to me
Though my heart seemed cold and... mehr anzeigen

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"If only..."

a common phrase but this poem is so original n great just like ur novels

J.M. Stephens

Thanks so much

J. M. Rivers

Idk why I just said nice. This is good. I was thinking that it reminded me of something...


Don't like it, love it!

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Gelöschter User

hi pls accept my request

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J.M. Stephens

You always hear on the news about the school buses that crash. Why don't they ever report on the ones that get through?

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They’d rather mourn over tragedy than be grateful for those that made it. It gives them more coverage, the people deem it more interesting.

J. M. Rivers

I find the need to be profound in this post hilarious. Were you high when you wrote this? It's a very high thing to say, like,
' Yoh bro... You always here on the news about all these people dying. Like bro, what about those of us alive. Isn't it like a gift bro, today, coz it's... mehr anzeigen

J.M. Stephens

Imagine turning on the news and hearing this.
"And now tonights top story. We have unconfirmed reports that this morning a bus carrying 52 school children arrived at St Joseph's school without incident, despite wet weather and sharing the road with other road users.
The bus... mehr anzeigen

J. M. Rivers

Oh, yeah. That would be great. But only if there was a possibility something would have gone wrong and not necessarily because it's normal and we should praise the normal. So you kinda contradict yourself. You always hear on the news about bad stuff happening or heroes who... mehr anzeigen

Gelöschter User

Uh because that would be so many cases. How often does a bus crash as opposed to making it safety to school? I rode the bus for almost 4 years every day, twice a day. Never once did it crash. Imagine having to report that...

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