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It's funny. You're english and I'm german. I only wanted to make poblicity for my book but you see the problem: I've wrote the book in german. And I think you don't understand it. But when you can speak german too than is here the description for you: the book calls: Liebe leben. And in English: live love. Here the blurb (normaly it's in german but i've translate it only for you) :

Emily is 15 years old and lives with her... mehr anzeigen

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thanks btw If you do anime Id really love to see some drawings and Id love to send some of mine over one time (when I find them) A good person to learn of anime is mark crilley on youtube :) Just saying- your probebly really good already :)

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Hi please could you read my book- born to die? If you like it, i would appreciate it if you would vote it for the competition too :)thank you, chloe x

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AJ Joseph

thnks and help me will be back just making MAJOR adjustments did i spell tat wrong maybe i did i don't really care

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Gelöschter User

guess wat? cotton had 4 adorible kittens yesterday!!!!

2 are male and 2 r female

Here are their names:

David, Corey


:D Im so happy!

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Gelöschter User

hey sammy i lovd ur outfit today wehn i saw u on my street, thanks for the bed fr cotton she loved it. i wanted to wash it but she wouldnt get up so when i fed her dinner my mom and i snuck to the washer and washed it. victory at last!!! :-)

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