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Sami Rec

Bish I still want to make that poem waaayyyy down there on your page into a song if I may.

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you caaan

Wichtiger Beitrag

She took my heart and left me lonely
I think broken heart's contagious
I won't fix, I'd rather weep
I'm lost then I'm found
But it's torture bein' in love
I love when you're around
But I fuckin' hate when you leave
I'm sad, I know

Wichtiger Beitrag

In her skin
Like a puppet, a girl on a string
Broke away
Learned to fly
If you want her back gotta let her shine
So it looks like the joke's on you
'Cause the girl that you thought you knew
She's so gone
That's so over now
She's so gone
You won't find her around
You can look but you won't see
The girl I used to be
'Cause she's
She's so gone

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