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mushiepeas ist offline.


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i love your profile picture ^^

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Ohoh why thankyou... It's adorable if i do say so myself :-D
I to like your picture xx

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thanks ^^

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Well it's always super hot here anyways...


oh... well I guess I wouldn't want long hair either :-/ though we have had quite good weather recently haha :D

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Mushiepeas, hmm?
Either you love your mushy books or love mushy… peas, obviously.
I don't think I make every thank you message this…strange, but OH WELL!
Thank you for adding me to your friends, and I hope I'm perfectly weird as I normally am in getting to know you!

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:0 what would have ever have given you the idea I like mushy books... because I do, I just enjoy the scrunched and soggy writing 0.< YUMMIE
but of course I added you,
what is the harm in making friends. wait, unless your a sociopath then generally we... wouldn't be friends. MEH :)

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