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Partricia Bellamy

Hi Everyone I inviting all of you to submit your book article for FREE!

Be one of our featured authors
Submit an article or request an online interview session
and we’ll make sure to help you widen your audience base.

All entries will be published FREE!

Article Submission Guidelines

You can write about topics related to your work as an Author.
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You can highlight your achievements... mehr anzeigen

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Hello, I hope I'm not being to direct but, is there a deadline for this type of Article Submission? I'm asking because, I recently self published a book through Archway Publishing. I've sold some units but, of course that mainly family and friends being supportive. Of course,... mehr anzeigen

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Sharela Koch

Hi Patricia, I am proud to inform you about my new bookrelease this week:


My book "Sharela's Diary - A Christian's every-day life" got professionally translated into English and will be available in bookstores soon!

Enjoy reading!

Sharela's Diary von Sharela Koch - eBook Download - Buch kaufen Sharela is a young Christian and Blogger from Germany. In this book, she talks about her life, honestly and openly: about living your faith, searching for God and loving your neighbor. Using a pen name she shares her life without exposing her friends and family. This book combines amusing anecdotes from her every-day life with thoughts about God and the world and her most popular blog posts from the past four years. Feel welcomed by your next-door Christian!
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Partricia Bellamy

Very nice <3

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Hallo Patricia, gerne nehme ich deine Freundschaftanfrage an. ich hoffe meine Bücher gefallen dir. melde dich doch einfach mal .. Grüsse aus köln

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Partricia Bellamy

Okay sir tnx.

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