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Wait... it's Hugs r my drugs?! I thought it was Hugs no drugs... I've been lied to my entire life! >:0

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lol Ezio was amazing, that's my friend Littel in the pic with him..she was fangirl-ing all over the place. I saw Hetalia people (a lot of Prussia's but they weren't as awesome) and a lot of Zelda ppl.

And yes I know of Hetalia's human names, like Hungary's is Elizaveta (I think, I've heard tons of ways her name could be)

Yaoi is amazing! So is Tobuscus!


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i love your background. i see rainbows everywhere i go now.lolol double rainbow across the sky

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OMG I love your picture~! Prussia is awesome! I loved the Prussia and Hungary scene, when he discovers she's a girl, because I look like her! Lol ! :)

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