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Hey! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the heart on my book Vampires Kiss!! Thanks
< xxx3 Laney

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nadia we r going roller skating on friday, and you are going with us, dont you DARE get grounded our i personally come and kill you in your sleep :) plus me and sarah came up with new nick names, im Andy (of course) She's Ronnie, and we decided you would be Ashley

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HAIIIII!!! :3 read meh books only one is complete but they still all good as hell :O heh eh hehe hehe

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You should read my book, even jin said it was good... minus the RELATIONSHIP in it :) shannon likes it two so Yey

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J. Grey

Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for the heart on My Vampire Love. This book is currently running in a contest for the best vampire book on that site (not bookrix) If you would like to vote for it click on the link below and then choose the genre Vampire. But vote only if you've enjoyed the book - no pressures. Anyway thanks for reading


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