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Lost Love
chapters 12,13 and 14 up now ready for everyone to read.

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Updated Lost Love hope you have a chance to read it ;p

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Hey there!
Although she’ll probably kill me for this, I have a friend whose book I think deserves to be more widely read.
She’s participating in the Flash Fiction contest, and I know for sure she would love it if you could check out her book, Shot in the Dark.
Here is the link.
I really would appreciate it if you could take a few moment of your life to check it out.

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Hi please could you read my new book born to die- If you like it i would appericate it if you would vote it for the compertion :)

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thank you very much it took me ages to find the right cover, i really appreciate your comments thank you^_^
by the way your book storyline is brilliant, can't wait for more.

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new chapter on lost love^_^
hope you can check it out and new cover hope you like it, took long to make but hope it is better than the last.

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Hello all that visit my page

After a very long writers block and busy setting up my own business i am back please read the update to my book and let me know your thoughts :)


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hi there, i see you like thrillers. i was wondering if u might have the time to read some shorts i wrote. im kind of like you, too shy to show anyone what i wrote until i found this site. don't worry, the people here are very friendly and they won't criticise, only give advice and so on. hope u have fun here!


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