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I would like to give you a look at my first eBook that has done the step from a german book, to the english version. It´s now available on amazon.com

The title is "The Curse - Touch of eternity" and it is for FREE till sunday!!


I would be happy, if you would have a look on the reading sample with the... mehr anzeigen

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Hello there my friend :)

I wanted to thank you for picking and reading my book 'Broken Road'. It has been a long 6 months writing the book, finishing it and getting it edited. However I will not be posting the rest of the finished book here on bookrix.com.

To read the whole book finished you will have to buy your own eBook copy come May 21 when its published on amazon.com for $2.99. It will be free in June for one week as... mehr anzeigen

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Hey there ya'll :) Just wanted to give you the heads up that "Broken Road' has been updated with a new chapter and as sad as it end there are only four chapters left to the book! Then it will bee edited and posted on amazon for sale as an ebook, so if ya love you should get a copy *wink* *wink*

Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter and leave a comment with your thoughts. The ending chapters will be filled with action, drama,... mehr anzeigen

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Thanks for reading "Forbidden Love" I appreciate the time you taken to read it, means so much x

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