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hellohomere ist offline.


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Hello if you get a chance check out my heated works and feel free to join my new group called Urban Fiction thanks.

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Hi please could you read my book- born to die? If you do like it, i would appreciate it if you would vote it for the competition too :) thank you so much x

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I will read the book right now


what name is it under
there are 5 popups of different names of authors


yes i will

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Lol, sorry that I blocked you ^-^

I didn't even realize it, I think I was trying to recommend you to one of my other friends or something and I clicked block instead. Err, techno fail.


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Caden Flow

since we are in a new relaionship, what shall we do? you already have my email, we can talk. or maybe go on livestream. and make each other love cards and whatever...
so do you celebrate halloween?

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