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hmmmm, i never thought of it but I do kinda see the connection. I've read that series and I guess they are similar because they have teacher/student relationships. But i'm not doing anything like that. Hopefully there will be more soon. :)

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if you were to write a fantasy story and your the main character what would you write? Check out The Fantasy island group, post your story...and some of the fun stories people created about themselves....

Join Fantasy Island if you dare....

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Just wanted to tell everyone that I just did a chapter update on "Cutoffs, Cocker Spaniels, and Crushes". I also added pictures of more characters if you wanna check it out! The links to the character pictures are at the end of the blurb! Thanks!

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J. Grey

Thanks for the heart. I'll have the next chapter up sometime next week so keep checking back. Also follow me on Tumblr where you can get sneak peaks at chapters pictures and more.

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