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I just wanted to let you know I felt bad you can't read my book "dark" so I posted it on that thread. please tell me what you think.


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sorry but i think i'll pass for the mean time. i'm aiming to finish "Forger" by the end of august. there are also school works for me taking much of my time... again, sorry. :)

but i'll join when i have the time.. i'm beginning to have some short stories come to my mind.

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i like it.. had me thinking what would happen to her when she met her parents.

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L. Avery Brown

Thank you so kindly for adding my book, The Driver, to your list of favorites! It does my heart proud to know that other people have enjoyed what, for me, was a joy to write.

Again, thank you so much.

L. Avery Brown

(BTW, I hope to have a new short story online soon!)

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Thank you Very much for the heart! I will upload more chapters as soon as I can and let you know when I do.

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