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Hi, thank you for the friend request, yes I would like to get on that sign up list, but I don't know how to get on it, and how do we submit only three pages of the story? Do I have to create a whole knew book, like a sampler?

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Well then she has done her job. The background is from one of my favorite scenes from my favorite movies.


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HOLY SHIZNIZ your background scared me!!! I look up and the eyes are closed and then i look down and back up agan and there OPEN!! WOAH!!-Fang

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I like this one, faith.ruelle sent it to me.

"You are the damnedest creature! You make me think of the old story about Alexander the Great. He wept when there were no more worlds to conquer. Will you weep when there are no more rules to break?"

This is the saying I answered her with.

I will weep, for when all the rules are broken, there shall be no more frontiers to explore. -R. Deon Hamblin. (That is definitely me)

Thank you Faith. :)

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Your saying goes along with: opportunities abound, life opens up for the eye that stays alert and the mind that never slumbers. Mine, here, too, but words read linger; they simply realign themselves. Elizabeth

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Fortune may favor the bold, but the prepared mind remembers to bring a stick.

(As far as I know, that one is all me. But if you think I read it somewhere, please let me know. because it is an obvious combination of two great sayings ans I would hate to plagiarize.)


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