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Chapter 7 of my book "Midnight heart series- Torn" is now posted.
I hope that you enjoy it.


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Chapter 6 Of my book "Midnight heart series- Torn" is now posted...
However, please excuse the text formatting, for some reason it got messed up... lol... but i hope that you like it anyways.


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aww thanks

I have two more to actually upload
just haven't got round to doing it.
they definitely need proof reading, I'm terrible at editing my own work :S
anyway I hope you are well

take care and I will chat soon

Donna xx

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Thanks for the note :).

Yeah I thought same thing re: slow IS over 100 pages *smiles.

I will try again when I have the time to let it download all the way.

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Hey drop me a note anytime you want. I love hearing from other readers who love to read. I try to keep up with all my friends. I hope to talk soon. Get a chance read my book it's not finished yet. It's called No More Hurt would love to hear what you think! Find me under h0tr3ad3r on BookRix. New to this so I don't know it all yet still feeling my way.

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