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hi My name is.Monica ,
nice to meet you please

contact me here i have something to Share

with you or you can give me your
mail to contact you please

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hello guidegal nice name i must add but im mark and i wrote one of the best book you will EVER READ!!! i would be honored if you could read my sample of my work and i also added a amazon link below ...and i wish you the best day possible :)

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ty mark..ive been here very sporadically due to my health. My laptop is so bulky. My sister/best friend is getting me a kindle for Xmas. Once I get it you prob cant keep me so I will read it..ty for link and Ill let ya know what I think then. :)


btw ty for the compliment on my name..if it werent for HIM I wouldn;t still be here. Chronic pain is never fun and runs havoc on your mental and physical health. I get through each day with his strength, guidance and grace, hence the name:)

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Thanks for the comment guidedgal. Can you explan the part were you would like me to elaborate on my story? Just so I understand what I should do. Thanks again.

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Thanks EVEN MORE for the comment on my newly updated book "The Truth Hurts"! It's definitley one of my favorites, and I'm glad that so many readers (especially you) are reaacting the same why I am when creating it! I will make sure to keep you updated!!!
Thanks again! Chloe!!!

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