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Seraph Wedd
Seraph Wedd
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Wichtiger Beitrag
Seraph Wedd

You know times that you get too absorbed in reading that you cannot proceed with writing your stories...?
Happens quite often to me. @_@

Wichtiger Beitrag
Seraph Wedd

If there is light, there's always a shadow.
If there's a sound, there's always an echo.
If there's a painting, there's always a painter.
If there's music, there will always be a listener.

Everything that exists has an opposite.
An opposite that gives them emphasis.
An opposite that makes us notice.
The beauty of everything we write.

Now that came out of nowhere...
~Seraph Wedd

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Gelöschter User

i love that like... life

Gelöschter User

if everything has an opposite than whats the opposite of opposite

Gelöschter User

huh???? bruh like

Wichtiger Beitrag
Seraph Wedd

I gripped the edge of the chair, Shaking in fear.
The tension left, I relaxed, but it's still there.
I shouted hard and loud so someone could hear.
The moment came and made me jump in the air.

~! I really hate jump scares...

Wichtiger Beitrag
Seraph Wedd

It Never Started

Mark is a fan of reading. He spends almost all of his time inside the library.

One day, when the sun had already set, he had a fated encounter with Hercy, a bookworm just like him. "Do you like this book?" She asked. Mark nodded while being captivated by her profound beauty. He felt drawn in by her clear emerald green eyes. Her hair of a deep black was waving mystically even without any breeze present. Her... mehr anzeigen

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Sergey Streltsov

Great Books!
Great Name!

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Sergey Streltsov

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i'm also in this binge
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Seraph Wedd

If I ever had the time and need to create a web page/site, I'll take a look. Thanks! :D

Sergey Streltsov


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