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Missing Her
Missing Her
Missing Her ist offline.
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Missing Her

I tried,
you lied,
i cried,
you laughed,
i trusted you,
you betrayed me,
i will never be the same, because of you

4 Kommentare
Gelöschter User

Awwww so sad

Jasmine Buffington

awww so good but true.


this is sad

Gelöschter User

Yeah very sad

Wichtiger Beitrag
Missing Her

Bae has light brown skin you dont even know how sexy she is

1 Kommentar
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Wichtiger Beitrag
Missing Her

I miss my princess Justice she is my everything i just don't think you guys know how special she is to me. I havent been on for a few months and im so sorry for that. My beautiful princess dumped me a while ago and i just got back on yesterday i am trying to get her back. She is my whole life, my eyes, my breathe, she is just my everything. I hope you guys can keep me posted and let me now how Justice is doing she is on my... mehr anzeigen

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