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kaylie omara

(1) Crazy
(2) I'd marry you.
(3) I'd date you.
(4) Sarcastic.
(5) I miss you.
(6) I'd kiss you.
(7) Beautiful.
(8) Smart.
(9) Imaginative.
(10) Random.
(11) Jerk.
(12) Funny.
(13) awesome.
(14) amazing.
(15) tough.
(16) cute.
(17 I'd hit you with a bus.
(18)I love you.
(19) Weirdo.
(20) Friends forever.
(21) Marry me?
(22) Your mine!
(23) I never want to lose you!
(24) I'd ask you out.
(25) I'd eat you up...
(26) I'd kidnap you...
(27)... mehr anzeigen

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9, 13, 14, 16, 20

kaylie omara

aww thx

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Gelöschter User

R u new?

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kaylie omara

ya a little i had this account for a while now

Gelöschter User

Oh ok well WELCOME TO BOOKRIX, I guess lol : )

kaylie omara

thx lol

Gelöschter User

ur welcome! : )

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