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Just to let you know, I added two more poems.
(btw- I will try and read your book swhen I get the chance)

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hey, sorry i haven't gotten back to you. thanks for favoriting my book. i read yours and liked it a lot. my favorite poem from The Sun Shines So Brightly was "Determined" on page 13.

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Anthology? I don't understand what that is. But yes it is but the world poetry movement.

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Wisdom of life is actually getting published in a book called stars in out hearts. It's one of the poems I really love myself as well, I have another poem that has yet to make it in my book but It will be there soon.

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Hi There!
I was going through the forums last night and noticed your inquiry about how to get more readership here on BookRix. So I 'introduced' you last night in The Reading List group. I noticed this morning that WritingMum had done a beautiful review on your book of poems on mourning in the K2C contest thread located in The Reading List.

I would suggest that you join this group as well as The Coffee Shop, Serious Writers and... mehr anzeigen

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Hello everyone in the Bookrix community. I have added a little more to my children's book. And I am currently working on another book. I want to add more to it, before I get it put up. I am also thinking about writing another book, in the near future. Thank you to all those who have already read my books and continue to keep reading. I truly appreciate it.

*S* Cynthia

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Little Birdy

Hi franny, thanks for your comment about my latest effort "Winter Blues"
I had intended to enter it in the latest comp but didn't have enough to make the 24 pages. Also I didn't think they were good enough.

They are not very well thought out and have not really been heavily edited. I just had a look and the formatting has gone haywire too. So you are being very kind to comment positively.


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petra michelle

Hi Franny! Your book "Moving On From Mourning" was such a heartfelt read! Can only imagine your struggle to find the balance of acceptance with the loss of your brother/best friend! Petra :))

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