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lost in the world...no where to go... hold me tightly and dont let me fall.... please? if i fall.... theres no way to tell what will happen to me. tell me everything will be okay.. will it?

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Jayden...i miss you..Why did you have to go..? you didnt need too... ever since you left, ive been breaking. ive fallen, and ive run out of room...i miss you...

i missed my chance to tell you i love you...
you did it cause you thought i didnt love you. but i did.
i found you, dead...
i held you close to me and whispered those three words to you......
'i love you'
your parents abused and raped me, but i held up, for you.
i was hurt... mehr anzeigen

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i love you sm i would never want you to hurt yourself i want you to be that upbeat person but we are who we are

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ur skin is not paper
dont cut it
ur face isnt a mask
dont cover it
ur life isnt a film
dont end it .

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