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Hey, your books are very interesting; although I am not good at poetry I do know that you’re very good at it. I’d really love a bit of advice to make poetry seem like poetry (it is a bit of an admiration)

Wichtiger Beitrag

HI. I’m John. I’m looking for friends here. I hope you don’t mind viewing and reading my books entitled FOR THE LOVE OF ISASRA, INTO THE LAND OF DRAGONS AND CROCODILES , and THE HOUSE IN THE HILLSIDE. Please vote for it.


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Hey Hi I'm Dave. I'm a new jack on here so looking to have a friendly exchange on here. I'm looking to meet people who may have varied talents, my own is writing poetry. I'm looking to devote an entire website with members of poetry and art, maybe for actors and models. So its very beta right now but definitely looking to have this built real soon and would welcome whatever material that you may want to include on this... mehr anzeigen

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Welcome to the community - have fun!

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