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Grace Mattox
Grace Mattox
Grace Mattox ist offline.


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Should I write book for you . If so what should it be about and the title you want. Make sure to leave me a description of it so i know what to write about.

Wichtiger Beitrag

Hey Grace.
Could you send me the links to all of your books. I can't find them.

Grace Mattox

They will be back soon :D and no, i dont.


Ok can't wait for them to be back.

That's a sham cause my new book is a crossover of Warrior cats and Steven Universe.

You will still read it though right?
Oh yeah, Hollystripe's exile is done and published

Grace Mattox

I look forward to reading both of them!

Wichtiger Beitrag
James Gerard

Grace, I did not forget your new story. I have been busy with editing and posting a copy of my stories that will be accessible through Bookrix. I have 4 books to go. I still want to read your new story.

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Grace Mattox

Okay! :D

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