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The Twister

Hey!! I would really appreciate it if you could check out my books! I'm mostly looking for feedback both negative and positive but mostly negative so I can improve my book more! I would mean alot if you did check it out for me! I have 3 books, you can choose one of them I dont really mind, please do give me a review on my book please! I would really appreciate this! <3

Complicated love:
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COMA. Will Arianna remember her true loves!? Amongst these 5 devishly handsome men? https://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-the-twister-coma/ Arianna had suddenly woke up from being in a coma for 5 months, she has lost most of her memory. What troubles her is that 5 handsome, charming and drop dead gorgeous men were sitting beside her ho...
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Sure! I'll give it a read!

The Twister

Thank you so much <3 That would mean alot to me if you could post a comment on it XD LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ^.^ Take care x


No problem XD. You do the same!

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Freddy Fazbear

*to the tune of the music box song*
Guess who's behind you,
standing by the door…
Eyes glowing white,
low hanging jaw…
A heavy suit I carry in
my hand,
I hope that you'll understand;

As we've been so lonely
here, waiting for a friend…
You will stay until the end…

Wide eyed, you're screaming
what did we do wrong?!
Stay still, my friend.
This won't take long.

Frail bones break under
pressure, so we heard.
Mind your head cause,
this could... mehr anzeigen

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